DCF, LLC Announces Seven Closed Transactions

DCF, LLC and its affiliates announce the closing of seven transactions – five of which were sell-side and two equity raises.
MAT Recycling, LLC – KingsPoint Advisors, LLC, led by Steven Silverman, announces the closing of the sell of MAT.
Pondhop Automation and Controls, Inc. – KingsPoint Advisors, LLC, led by Steven Silverman, announces the closing of the sell of Pondhop.
Third Corner, LLC – Telos Capital, LLC, led by Robert Rough, announces the closing of a minority equity investment of a private equity group.
Intercool USA, Inc. – Telos Capital, LLC, led by Robert Rough, announces that its client, Intercool, has acquired the Industrial Refrigeration unit of Freije-RSC Engineered Solutions Company.
Vital Art and Sciences, LLC – Telos Capital, LLC, let by Robert Rough, announces that Vital has been sold to Genentech, Inc.
Zaff Energy Systems, Inc. – 3CR-Riverbend, LLC, led by Jim Bridgman, announces the closing of a Series A preferred round of equity financing.
Burkhalter Rigging, Inc. – NTA-Riverbend, LLC, led by John O’Neill, announces the closing of the sale of substantially all the assets of Burkhalter.

DCF Affiliates Conference April 29th and 30th

Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC will hold its annual Affiliates Conference on April 29th and 30th in Chattanooga, TN. The conference will begin the morning of the Monday the 29th and will continue through mid-afternoon of the 30th. Topics to be discussed will be the sell-side process, debt and equity raises, distressed restructuring, FINRA compliance under the Capital Acquisition Broker rules, and discussion of best practices including the latest in data-room technology and a review of S&P Capital IQ and Pitchbook databases. There will also be discussion about how our affiliate group can work together.

The conference is open to representatives of current DCF Affiliates and prospective affiliates from regional CPA firms and independent investment bankers and M&A advisors.

Please contact Tom Decosimo at tomdecosimo@dcf-llc.com or call him at 423-266-4000, if you or your organization would like to attend.

DCF, LLC adds Affiliates

DCF, LLC is proud to announce the latest group of affiliates to join the growing number of like-minded CPA firms and independent investment bankers providing sell-side advisory and equity sourcing for the middle market.

Grassi & Company – 50 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 200, Jericho, NY  11753, and offices throughout the New York and Long Island region.

Horne Capital Advisors – 1020 Highland Colony Parkway, Suite 400, Ridgeland, MS  39157, and offices throughout Mississippi and Tennessee.

3CR Capital Advisors – 550 Reserve Street, Southlake, TX  76092.

Austin Growth Capital – 6409 Soter Parkway, Austin, TX  78735.

DCF, LLC welcomes these talented professionals. For information about joining DCF, LLC, please email tomdecosimo@dcf-llc.com.

Decosimo Announces Cherokee Distributing Company Acquisition of Carter Distributing Company

Chattanooga, Tennessee – Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC (“DCF”) is pleased to announce the sale of the assets of Carter Distributing Company to Cherokee Distributing Company. DCF served as the exclusive sell-side advisor for Carter.

Carter is one of Chattanooga region’s largest beer distributorswhose flagship brands include Miller, Corona and Coors.

It was time to sell, said Blair Carter, Carter Distributing Co.’s owner, chief operating officer and son of the founder, Bill “Beer Bill” Carter.Blair Carter has worked at Carter Distributing Co. for 43 years. He was 19 when he started in 1974.

“I’ve done it long enough. And I’m still young enough to where my wife and I can enjoy [retirement],” said Carter, 62. “I’m very happy.”

The addition expands Cherokee Distributing Co.’s service area into Chattanooga and from 53 to 61 counties in Tennessee.

“Our companies share similar histories,” Cherokee Distributing Co. President George Sampson said in a statement. “Both [are] Miller-Coors distributors and family-owned businesses. Cherokee Distributing was founded in 1958, and Carter was formed in 1959.”

Carter Distributing Co. got its start in 1959 distributing products from two breweries, Miller High Life and Black Label, and has evolved over the years. Today, it distributes some 2,500 “packages” of different beverages from 51 suppliers.

Craft beer — including locally brewed beer — is a growing segment for Carter Distributing, which employs some 70 people and distributes about 1.9 million cases of beer annually from its 100,000-square-foot warehouse, along with a relatively small amount of wine and liquor, which was a new market for Carter.

“DCF has had the privilege of working with Blair and Mr. Bill Carter for years. We are honored to have played the role of representing Carter Distributing in this transaction for Blair and the Carter Family.” said Tom Decosimo, DCF Managing Partner. “Blair Carter has been immersed in the beer distribution business his entire adult life and has successfully led the Company through tremendous growth, consolidation and the introduction of craft beers.”

Blair Carter said “I am grateful to Tom and the DCF team in leading us through this incredibly important transaction. Their knowledge of the sell-side process combined with their understanding of business valuation, accounting, tax, and estate issues worked together to maximize the value of Carter Distributing.”