The Network

DCF is a collegial affiliation of experts providing credibility and insight. We work together to find best practices, offer support and training, and work together on transactions. The culture at DCF comes out of many of affiliates who are partners in CPA firms and independent sell-side advisors and investment bankers. We bring the CPA’s culture of placing client’s welfare ahead of all else to all of our engagements.

Start-Up Costs

As you might already know, the process of obtaining and maintaining a Broker-Dealer is long and burdensome, taking up to one year and hundreds of man-hours. Most firms do not have the inclination to undertake such a process. And the process is only getting more stringent with new regulations enacted every year. By joining DCF, you or your firm can avoid this process entirely and begin working on transactions immediately upon receipt of the requisite certification for sell-side advisors and investment bankers.

The Toolkit

When you consider the breadth of materials necessary to successfully execute a transaction, the scale of deliverables can be intimidating. From engagement letters and confidentiality agreements to confidential information memoranda, sell-side advisors must be able to construct many legally vetted documents. At DCF, we collaborate and share our documents and data, ensuring that all reprentatives are getting up-to-date templates and tools, as well as access to the past materials that have resulted in successful transactions.

Moreover, our representatives get access to the best internet technology and research services. Any sell-side advisors and investment banker know that these are some of the most important tools they have.

Regulatory Compliance and Oversight

DCF completes all compliance and regulatory work in-house on behalf of all affiliates, and offers a range of different back-office services based on an affiliate’s needs. We take this responsibility very seriously and protect our representatives from any liabilities relating to compliance.

Reputational Equity

Businesses want to hire only experienced sell-side advisors. By joining DCF, you’ll be able to utilize DCF and its Affiliate’s success while maintaining your independence. We have more four decades of experience maximizing value for our clients; and over that time, we have closed hundreds of transactions totaling billions of dollars. DCF and its Affiliate’s history gives potential clients the confidence they will receive the best sell-side advisory services available.

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