DCF is a broker-dealer providing a platform for a collaborative network of like-minded sell-side advisors and investment bankers who maintain their independence. Through this affiliation, our registered representatives are provided with the support and resources to execute sell-side advisory and institutional debt and equity sourcing of all sizes. We are focused on the middle market, and we strongly believe that middle market clients are best served by boutique, generalist firms. The model works because the economics align. Middle market transactions require essentially the same amount of work as larger transactions and the big banks simply can’t afford to invest the time and resources into a transaction that an independent boutique firm will.

The beating heart of DCF is the belief that sell-side advisory and investment banking services need not be the domain of Wall Street conglomerates. We seek to empower transaction oriented professionals around the country with the skills and savvy to deliver the world-class service for which DCF is known to their peers and neighbors.

Innovation. Entrepreneurial Spirit. Ambition. Cooperation. These are the values we look for in a potential affiliate. We have the knowledge, tools, and experience to help qualified professionals and firms to start successful sell-side advisory and investment banking practices.

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