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DCF provides transaction-oriented CPAs the opportunity to create an investment banking practice inside their accounting practice. Decosimo Corporate Finance, LLC, ( grew out of one of one of the most successful CPA firms focused on mergers and acquisitions. Based on our years of success and over $17 billion in transactions we believe CPAs are uniquely suited for transaction advisory services.

The Opportunity To Hit The Homerun

We facilitate the leap from charging by the hour to the lucrative and well-earned world of success fees.

What is the transaction-oriented CPA?

  • Consultative, entrepreneurial, experienced, partner-level
  • History of working with clients on M&A engagements and debt and equity sourcing
  • Demonstrated deep knowledge of valuation, tax and accounting as it relates to M&A
  • Ready to leverage personal experience of working with entrepreneurs comfortable in high-stakes negotiations

We offer the assistance, resources and oversight to transform the transaction-oriented CPA’s years of experience into the most professionally satisfying and lucrative years of their career. We’re building a network of like-minded professionals, operating alongside CPA firms across the nation who share experiences, values and best practices. And we’re looking for new partners.

Be a Part Of The Ultimate Transaction

Adding sell-side advisory services does more than create tremendous profits for your firm—it greatly enhances your reputation. We formed DCF to help clients and business owners maximize the value of their life’s work – their businesses. A sale is the biggest moment in the lifecycle of a company, and assisting clients with this process increases your firm’s status in the business community.

Compensation For Experience, Not Hours

From our decades of experience working as CPAs, we know how ingrained the billable hours model is to the business of accountancy. Because of that, CPAs excel at turning big fees into small fees. The impetus for DCF was to change this paradigm. On sell-side engagements, advisors are paid for executing successful transactions, and their fees are based on a percentage of the deal. We mitigate, however, the all-or-nothing risk of pure success fees by requiring meaningful retainers.

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