Newly Independent,
DCF Embraces the Decosimo Legacy

Our mission is to grow a nationwide network of collaborative professionals providing the highest-quality sell-side advisory services available. If you are interested in joining DCF, take a moment to fill out our questionnaire HERE.

At DCF, our reputation is our most important asset, and over the past 40 years we have endeavored to build a company whose name is synonymous with integrity, honesty, professionalism, and world-class results.

As such, we generally ask that potential affiliates meet the following criteria:

Substantial experience in working with middle market businesses in a service capacity (i.e. banking, accounting, legal, consulting, etc.).

If you have no direct sell-side advisory experience, we would expect core competencies in tax, audit, and valuation as it relates to mergers & acquisitions.

Strong community presence and reputation. We want to work with people who are committed to and have made an impact on their local communities.

No history of legal or ethical impropriety. We are 100% client-focused, and in our experience, placing the client’s needs is imperative and avoids disputes. Moreover, we take our regulatory responsibilities very seriously, and we strive to be compliant with all existing FINRA regulations.

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